Our Vision is "To be the market leader-providing value added services in a professional manner, with an emphasis on long-term customer relationships and employee pride"

Our Vision Values:

<< Preferred partners.
<<Empowered employees.
<<Closer to customer.
<<Numero Uno in our line of business.

A business system that excels can only come from a business organization that excels. We trust that sustainable organizational excellence is highly co-related with personal excellence. A group of individuals who excel in each of their roles in life, yet who are humble enough to acknowledge that they would consciously continue to enhance the level of their emotional and intellectual excellence only can sustain such an organization. Excellence like charity begins at home. Personal excellence and Ethics from employees is thus a strategic expectation of our Business system. To sustain delivery of "technology attitude", to our customers we have to have people who are excellent persons. This is our Human Resource Management Policy.

Each Transaction, each assignment, each project is our opportunity for a creative interaction with those who can show us how we could be still better the next time. The bond and trust gets stronger, both parties come out confident and wiser.
Our plans and practices of remaining at the fore front of technology developments are actively encouraged and supported by our principle - who originate the technology application on a world-class grade. Maritronics practices a policy of reflecting manufactures, who are among the best 5 in their respective fields.

Support & training:

We at AB Consortium India, not only provide Technical Solutions to match Customer needs, but also support our products and services by ensuring that our staff and those of our clients receive the very best in training. This relates to specific customer requirements including ongoing training and familiarization programs, seminars and conferences covering industry specific topics

< Representative sales training courses conducted by our principals.
< Special courses for AB Consortium India personnel by external specialist on subject such    as personal development programme.
< Live demonstration of products and systems in configurations for customers.
< Customers Training courses - Products a familiarisation, Operation, 1st line    maintenance of instruments and configured systems.
< Conferences and Seminars on specific industry-related subjects for special interest    group, conducted by AB Consortium India, Specialist form principals, invited speakers.
< Customer-specific user orientation programmes for analytical Instruments such as    sample preparation and analysis.
< Customised Training programme specific to customer requests.

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