About Us

Alok Bhatnagar
( Director)
AB Consortium India  was founded in 1997  by Alok Bhatnagar as a company specializing in  the field of Applied Biotech . Since 1997 the company's philosophy has been greatly influenced by Alok Bhatnagar experience. This includes working for a well-known  manufacturer,s for many years, as well as his close contacts to renowned university professors in INDIA. Our company is committed to the use of modern technology in order to supply high quality and long life products that are application and user oriented while reducing cost and producing reliable results at the same time
On behalf of the whole staff of AB Consortium India I would like to assure you of the following:

It is our aim to provide the best high performance Lab equipments to  our  users . We measure the quality of our service in the nature of our technical support and after-sales service and not only in the product itself. It is our desire to assure customers' satisfaction and make an important contribution to the future of life sciences and all other chemical industries.
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